Where are the Headlight Adjustment Screws? (Full Guides)

As you switch on your car engine and drive off, the headlights stay on, stuck on the highest setting. You pass by other drivers and they keep flashing you. You look for the headlight adjustment screws, yet you can’t locate them. You wondered, ‘what can be happening, where are my headlight adjustment screws?’

But is it difficult to locate the headlight adjustment screws supposing they’re working? No. Two things are likely. Perhaps, the headlight adjuster isn’t working or you need training on how to find the screws. In this article, I’ll explain both issues and the procedure to fix a headlight adjuster not working issue.

Where are the headlight Adjustment screws located?

Depending on your car model and make, the headlight screws are located in different places. Typically, there are two screws on your car headlights. One is located on the right and the other is on the right. Open the hood of your vehicle and check behind the headlight casing. You should see two headlight adjusters/bolts/screws there. These screws are located on the back of the headlight or on top of it. There are two screws, with one adjusting the headlight up and down while another turns it left and right. You need the right tool to turn the screws.

How to fix Headlight Adjusters not Working

If your headlights are throwing light way too high, then it’s time to fix it. The best and only thing to do is to replace it. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to going about it.

Materials needed:

  • Replacement adjustment screws
  • Socket wrench
  • Clean microfiber towel
  • Protective gear (goggles and nitrile gloves)
  • Phillips Screwdriver/ Flathead screwdriver
  • Heat gun/Oven
  • Masking tape

Steps to Fix a Faulty Headlight Screws

The procedure consists of three stages of several steps.

Stage 1: Locate the Headlight Adjusters

Stage 2: Install new Adjustment screws

Stage 3: Reset Replacement Headlight Screws

Now, let’s explore each step. Before you start wear a pair of goggles and nitrile gloves.

Step 1: Open your Car Hood

There are typically two silver screws on each headlight: one at the side and another on the top. The left headlight has its screws to the right and the right headlight has its to the left. You may need to check under the car, depending on your car model.  

Step 2: Remove the Bolts to Pull out the Headlights

With your socket wrench, take off the bolts located on top of the grill on the car’s body. Once wrenched out, pull out the headlights and disconnect the electrical wiring. Pull back and detach the big plug at the center of the headlight. Remove the bulbs inside the rubber ring. After detaching every accessory, place the headlight on a soft, clean microfiber towel or cloth.  

Step 3: Take out the Broken Adjustment Screws

Take out the faulty screws. Use your Phillips screwdriver to screw the white plastic cap that holds the headlights securely in place.  

Step 4: Warm up the headlight

Using a heat gun, warm up the headlight assembly. Hold the gun about 6 inches away from the headlight and set it to 135 degrees Celsius.  Let the heat distribute around the headlight and don’t hold the device on one edge of the headlight for too long. Alternatively, you can heat up the headlight in a moderately hot oven.  

Step 5: Set up the Replacement Screws

Now that the failing screws have been removed, it’s time to install new headlight screws. Carefully insert the new headlight adjuster shielded with the plastic case and tighten the screws.  Set the headlights up on your car. Some headlights don’t have separate screws or shields. They’re easier to install. 

Step 6: Pry the headlight assembly cap 

The next step is to pry off the cover of the headlight assembly. Completely detach the metallic clips and take off the plastic cover capping the headlight assembly. After this, apply a top-quality spray-on finish, maybe a silicon lubricant like WD-40. The idea is to ensure that the replacement screws are impact-resistant. Cover the new headlight assembly with a plastic case. 

Step 7: Reassemble the Headlight assembly parts

Couple the headlights and their parts and put them back in their positions in the car. You may need butyl rubber glue to join all the separate parts together and to the assembly.

Step 8: Take the car out for a test drive

After completing the entire process, it’s time tohave a test driveto check if everything is perfect or if the headlight screws need some tweaking.    


Does the Headlight Need Adjusting?

Yes, you need to adjust your car’s headlights, but you have to do it right. It ensures your safety on the road. Besides, right headlight adjustment also save other roads from an accident.  The headlight can beam too low or throw light extravagantly. A too-low or too-high illumination isn’t a good view for driving, especially on the right. The adjustment screws help you set the right beam and light on the road.

How can I Correctly Adjust my Car Headlight?

There is a right and a wrong way to adjust your headlight when driving, and there are several ways to go about it. Check the knob or button on the right-hand side of your dash, behind the steering wheel. You can adjust your headlight with the knob.

Alternatively, you can adjust from beneath the vehicle hood. To do this, check the back of the headlight casing in the trunk. Get a ratchet to turn the screws. You’ll adjust one screw up and down and another to the right/left. The same procedure goes for the other headlight.   

Final Thoughts

With our discussion so far, no more ‘where are the headlight adjustment screws.’ Headlight adjusters are susceptible to wear due to use and age.The inability to work will make your headlight a nuisance and you the odd guy on the wheel. I’m sure you don’t want to wear this awful identity. You can fix the headlight adjusters and restore the headlights to their normal working. A DIY procedure isn’t very difficult, but you can refer the issue to a certified mechanic. They’ll do a neater and guaranteed job.  Have a safe drive!