How to Unplug Airbag Connector Under Seat

It’s time to install a swivel on your car’s passenger seat. But suddenly you realized you’d need to take off the airbag connector as it makes the airbag light come on. If you don’t follow the right process to release the connector, you may end up damaging this vital component.

What should you do to have a seamless experience? I have come up with a detailed answer in this article. Take a few minutes to read up on the best tricks to unplug the airbag connector under the car seat. It’s pretty simple!

How to Unplug Airbag Connector Under Seat

An airbag connector works in your car to ensure a stable electrical connection between the electrical wiring or harness and the pyrotechnic airbag. The connector serves as one of your vehicle’s Safety Restraint System terminals.  It can last the entire lifetime of your car. The airbag connector is known by a range of names, depending on who is saying what.

You can call it the pigtail, harness connectors, squib, airbag plug, clock spring plug, or clockspring connectors.

Here are the methods to unplug the airbag connector under the vehicle seat. There are precautionary tips you should take. I’ll discuss it later.

Have you tried using a switch lubricant or an electrical cleaner? What about replacing the connector shells? Any of these methods work magic.   

Method 1: Reset the Computer

To reset the computer, first check the electrical connection. Take off the positive cable and allow it for about 5 minutes of discharge time. Make the positive cable touch the negative cable for up to 5 seconds and unhook it back up.

After unhooking, the airbag light should turn off. If not, it suggests there’s something wrong with the connection. Alternatively, there might be a cut in the wires you unhook. Perhaps, the connection is short-circuited when you’re unhooking the positive cable.

Method 2: Replace connector shells

One of my favorite methods of unplugging an airbag connector under my car seat is to get rid of the connector shells and replace them with new ones.

To do this, closely check the part number so you can buy the right component. Truth is, this method is tricky, especially when you want to get the pins out. Don’t forget to disconnect the battery terminals before you start.

Method 3: Switch Lubricant

Another efficient method available to remove the airbag connector from under your car seat is the switch lube. The idea is to dampen the seat so you can easily remove the airbag connector. But switch lubricant works better because of its versatility, lower or thinner viscosity, and dampening tactility.

Since there is a wide range of products out there, you should select carefully. The lube dampens and removes oil, gunk, or grease that stuck the airbag connector to the seat.

Method 4:  Electrical cleaner

I’d suggest that you sever the connector and install an electrical block connector in its place. This method is pretty more efficient and cost-effective than other solutions out there. If the airbag light comes on and other problems reoccur it means you need to stick to other methods I’ve described here.

How Can I remove my Airbag Control Module?

To remove the airbag crash sensor module, take the following steps. Note that you’ll find the airbag crash sensor module beneath the driver’s seat.

  • Disconnect the battery ends
  • Unscrew the bolts on the driver’s seat
  • Tilt the seat backwards to access it
  • Raise the car carpet  and unplug the heating duct
  • Cut the tape near the bracket using a sharp knife or object
  • Remove the airbag crash sensor module


Can I unplug airbag connector without disconnecting the battery?

No, I won’t advise you to remove the airbag connector without disconnecting the battery. The reason is simple. Airbags are typically explosive car components and it’s safe to remove the battery terminals before working it. Even after disconnecting the battery, you’ll need to wait for a few minutes (about 15 minutes) before starting to unplug the airbag connector.    

Why Can prompt me to Unplug the Airbag Assembly?

There are several reasons you can choose to unplug the airbag connector. Checking if there is a bad ignition switch in the assembly is a vital trigger to unplug the airbag connector. In all, you must follow the manual procedure. You will need to remove the steering wheel before you get to the switch. Reconnect the battery after a repair has been carried out.

What Tips To Follow before Unplugging Airbag Assembly?

Before you start to unplug the explosive airbag assembly, take the following precautionary.

Tip 1: The first thing you need to do is to get the entire body of the computer diagnosed. Watch for the trouble codes. Disable the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) light. 

Tip 2: Disconnect the clip: Regardless of the method you’d use, you must first identify the airbag clip on the donor car seats. There’s an air clip that connects and locks the connectors together. Disconnect it. Typically, there are three connectors on each of the front seat of your car. There’s the seatbelt buckle receiver plug, the yellow airbag plug, and the main plug. 

Tip 3: Secondly, you must disconnect the battery terminals before you start working on a car airbag.

Tip 4: Pull airbags fuses

Tip 5: Make sure you reconnect the battery after unplugging the airbag assembly.

Final Thoughts

I think every car owner should learn the trick to unplug the airbag connector from under their car seat. Removing the wire from the harness box beneath their car’s passenger seat is a way to stop the constantly illuminating airbag light. As straightforward as the process is, you should follow the guide contained in this article. Otherwise, you may end up with an accidental deployment of the seat belt and airbag. The result is that you’d be reinforcing the risk of severe personal injury or death. I’m sure you don’t want to go that route.