3 Reasons Why Lexus Blind Spot Monitor Not Working

Having a functional blind spot monitor is crucial for your safety while driving. In some cases, the blind spot monitor in a Lexus vehicle might stop working, leaving you puzzled. This article can help guide you in understanding the reasons behind its malfunction and possible solutions.

The blind spot monitoring system in your Lexus relies on sensors placed around the vehicle. These sensors might fail sometimes, causing the system to stop working properly. Let’s dive into more details on how to troubleshoot and resolve such issues for a safer driving experience.

What is Lexus Blind Spot Monitor

The Lexus Blind Spot Monitor is a safety feature designed to assist you while driving. This system uses sensors located around your vehicle to detect other vehicles in your blind spots. When a car is detected in your blind spot, an indicator light will illuminate on the side mirror to alert you.

Setting up the Blind Spot Monitor is easy. To turn it on, simply follow the steps in this video. The system can be adjusted to modify distance sensitivities according to your preference. Here’s a quick rundown on how this feature works:

  • When you’re driving at a certain speed, the system becomes active and begins monitoring your surroundings.
  • If a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, an indicator light will illuminate on the corresponding side mirror. This light will stay on as long as the vehicle remains in your blind spot.
  • If you turn on your turn signal while the light is on, the indicator will flash to remind you that there’s a vehicle in your blind spot.

Remember that the Lexus Blind Spot Monitor is a supplemental system and should not replace your routine of checking mirrors and looking over your shoulder before changing lanes. Always stay alert and practice safe driving habits to ensure that you and your passengers remain safe on the road.

Common Reasons for Malfunction

Dirty or Obstructed Sensors

One of the main reasons your Lexus blind spot monitor might not be working is due to dirty or obstructed sensors. Your vehicle’s blind spot monitoring system relies on a series of sensors located around the vehicle to detect other vehicles in your blind spots. If these sensors are obstructed by dirt, debris, or even snow, they might not function properly. Ensure that you regularly clean the sensor areas to keep your blind spot monitor working optimally.

Electrical Issues

Another possible reason for your blind spot monitor not working could be electrical issues. This may include issues with wiring, fuses, or connectors. If any of these components are damaged or not functioning as they should, it can cause your blind spot monitoring system to malfunction. In such cases, it’s best to consult a professional mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue.

Software Glitches

In some instances, software glitches or outdated software could be responsible for your Lexus blind spot monitor not working. Manufacturers often release software updates to address these types of issues, so ensure that your vehicle’s software is up-to-date. If you’re experiencing a software glitch, try resetting your vehicle’s blind spot monitoring system by turning the feature off and then back on. You can also locate the BSM button to manually reset the system. If you’re still experiencing problems, visit your local Lexus service center for further assistance.

Steps to Troubleshoot

Inspect the Sensors

Your Lexus blind spot monitor may not be working due to faulty sensors. To begin troubleshooting, carefully inspect the sensors located around your vehicle for any visible damage or debris. Clean the sensors, ensuring they are free of dirt and grime, as this can interfere with their effectiveness. If any sensors appear damaged or not functioning properly, consider replacing them as a solution.

Check the Wiring

Faulty wiring can also cause the blind spot monitor system to malfunction. Inspect the wiring associated with the sensors and confirm there are no loose connections, frayed wires, or damaged components. If you notice any issues related to the wiring, it is advisable to consult a professional mechanic or visit a Lexus service center for assistance.

Reset the System

Sometimes, your Lexus blind spot monitor may require a simple system reset. You can do this by turning off the engine and removing the key. Then, disconnect the negative battery terminal for about 30 seconds to a minute. Reconnect the battery, start the vehicle, and check if the blind spot monitor is functioning correctly.

Update the Software

Occasionally, outdated software can cause the blind spot monitor to stop working. Visit your local Lexus dealership or authorized service center to inquire about any available software updates for your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle’s software up-to-date can help prevent future malfunctions and ensure that all systems, including the blind spot monitor, are operating optimally.


In summary, if your Lexus blind spot monitor is not working, it may be due to a failed sensor. Always double-check your settings to ensure the system is turned on, as shown in this video tutorial. Keep in mind the importance of the BSM system for added safety while driving. Stay safe and enjoy your Lexus!