6 Reasons Why Power Seat Stuck in Recline

Most modern-day car models have a power seat which enables drivers to optimize the coordination of their hands and feet. Besides, the power seat also can help you personalize how you place your chair for a smooth and comfortable ride. 

But this electronically-controlled seat can get stuck. When this happens, you’ve got to find a way to manually remove and fix it. How can you achieve it? This article has got all the answers, including the fix and other frequently asked questions.   

Why Power Seat gets stuck in Recline

I think the first question to ask is, ‘what causes your power seat to get stuck in recline?’ let me respond by highlighting a few reasons for a stuck-in-recline power seat.

Damaged wiring

The wiring system in a power seat can damage at any time due to a couple of reasons. Some of the causes of damaged wiring include degraded cable sheath, moist insulation, heating of the recliner’s cable, UV exposure, or electrical overloading. Damaged wiring can also be due to a burnt fuse. Ultimately, it can cause your power seat to get stuck in recline and never sit up. 

Faulty Seat recline switch

Switch failure is another culprit when your power seat gets stuck in reclining in one position. There are several causes of seat recline switch damage. Failure of the switch physical layer or device compatibility issues can trigger a stuck-in-recline power seat. 

Rusted locking mechanism

The recliner locking mechanism can rust and become corroded due to the presence of moisture in it. The metal elements in the recliner locks can rust if it has into contact with water. It will not only weaken the structure; moisture will also reduce the durability of the system.

Failing recline motor 

A faulty recline motor is an obvious reason a power seat can get stuck in recline. The power seat operates with an electric motor that activates a screw mechanism. The motor is the engine that powers the power seat. Once the engine loses power, the power seat cannot work. The recline motor can overheat and gets damaged.  

Clogged recline system

Your power seat can stuck in reclining in one position if the recline system has some debris stuck in it. A buildup of dirt, carbon deposit, or gunk-like substance won’t allow the mechanism to work as it obstructs the seat from either reclining or sitting up.

Electrical or mechanical issues 

Electrical or mechanical issues can also cause the power seat to get stuck in recline in one position. As earlier noted, the wiring can be affected and damage to any parts of the vehicle can also make the power seat stick.   

How to Fix a Power Seat Stuck in Recline 

If you notice that your vehicle’s power seat is stuck in recline, you should take the following steps to move it:

  • Step 1. Unplug electrical connections: The first step is to disconnect the seat engine from the battery of your vehicle. 
  • Step 2. Release Seat recline: After unplugging the seat motor from all electrical connections, the next move is to loosen the seat recline
  • Step 3. Discover system error: With the seat recline loosen, you’ve got to search for the faults in the mechanical system of your vehicle
  • Step 4. Take off the screw: Now unscrew the bolts that help move the seat. Make sure you use a flathead screwdriver for this purpose 
  • Step5. Apply lube: Look for the bolt threads and lubricate every part of them. Move the nuts to inspect its threads. You may need to replace the bolts and nuts if the threads are worn
  • Step 6. Reinstall the fasteners: Reinstall the old bolts and nuts or replace them with new ones. make sure these fasteners hold the seat firmly in place
  • Step 7: Press the recline button: Go to the dash and hit the recline button. Also, inspect the seat to be sure it’s moving or free to move.

How to Move a Stuck Power Seat Manually

The truth is that a stuck car power seat can be an infuriating experience. Luckily, any of the following three techniques will work to fix a stuck power seat manually. Regardless of the method, you may need all or some of the following tools.

  • Screwdriver
  • Winder
  • Drill or pliers
  • Scissors or knife
  • Bolt cutter

Remove-and-Reinstall Method

The first technique to manually move a stuck power seat in recline is pulling the seat out from its base. If you’re not experienced in removing and reinstalling a stuck power seat, you may not want to use it. Diagnose, detect, and resolve the problem before reinstalling the seat.  

Shake the Seat

Alternatively, you should shake the seat after applying lubricant. Make sure you use extra minimal force to click the power seat securely back into place.

Apply Lube

All you have to do is to apply lube to the tracks. You’ll need to understand the locking mechanism of a stuck seat. If the locking system doesn’t engage properly, the seat will get stuck. Olive oil will be your store-bought lubricant best bet.


How can I replace the power seat switch

Here’s the guide to replacing a damaged power seat switch:

  • Find the switch
  • Pull the power seat trim panel out to access the switch’s backside
  • Check if the switch input is in good condition 
  • Inspect the power and ground of the power seat switch
  • Plug the ground and power to the seat motor
  • Remove the switch connector and install a new one

Final Thoughts 

From now on, you shouldn’t have any issues fixing a power seat stuck in recline. Try to look at the causes to know what fix to apply. I hope this article will help you make an informed decision when next the power seat gets stuck in recline.