Where is the OnStar Fuse Located At?

OnStar is a system developed by General Motors that can is used as a safety feature in your car. OnStar provides users with roadside assistance, emergency response, and navigation guidance. In 1997 Cadillac first introduced OnStar to their vehicles. The equipment was state-of-the-art since cell phones weren’t commonly used yet.

Nowadays, many cars have OnStar systems. But where exactly is the OnStar Fuse located? The OnStar Fuse is found in your car’s fuse box, which is located under your vehicle’s hood. It’s easy to identify if you have the fuse diagram.

Located in the center of the fuse box, the 10 Amp red fuse is easily removed using a fuse puller. If you don’t have the fuse diagram, a quick internet search will help you find the OnStar fuse.

A working OnStar System is an important part of staying safe in your car, so checking the OnStar fuse periodically is essential. If you suspect that your OnStar isn’t working, checking the fuse is an excellent place to start.

If the OnStar Fuse is burned out or defective, you may need to replace it. Fortunately, fuses are readily available from auto parts stores. It’s crucial always to use a fuse with the same amperage.

Knowing where the OnStar Fuse is located and how to check it can help keep you safe while driving. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that OnStar is always working.

How to replace the OnStar fuse:

  • Locate OnStar Fuse in the fuse box, which is located in the engine bay.
  • Disconnect OnStar Fuse from the slot it is plugged into.
  • Insert a new OnStar Fuse into the slot
  • Make sure it makes contact with both ends of the terminal.
  • Check to make sure everything works

Does Removing the Fuse Disable OnStar?

OnStar is a subscription-based service. Although you can unsubscribe from this service, OnStar will remain active. Removing OnStar Fuse from your car’s fuse box will altogether disable OnStar, depending on the model.

In newer vehicles, OnStar still records specific data. It includes tire pressures and position, even when OnStar Fuse is removed. Luckily, there is still hope. Removing the dash trim and radio will expose the OnStar module.

Once the module is exposed, the communication and GPS antenna needs to be disconnected. Additionally, the plug must be disconnected for OnStar to turn off completely.

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Does OnStar have GPS Tracking?

OnStar does have GPS tracking. This feature tracks a stolen car or gets directions on how to reach your destination. OnStar’s GPS technology is reliable and can be used in conjunction with its other features, such as roadside assistance.

Although many find this feature useful, OnStar’s GPS tracking can also be a source of concern for some people. OnStar gives access to your location data, which could lead to privacy concerns. Luckily, OnStar allows you to opt-out of their services anytime.

By completely removing OnStar Fuse, OnStar will no longer be active in your car. Moreover, you can also disable OnStar’s GPS tracking by opting out of OnStar services.

Overall, OnStar is an incredibly useful service that provides many benefits for drivers. Knowing where the OnStar fuse is located and how to check it can help increase OnStar’s reliability and make sure you are safe on the road.

How Do Thieves Disable OnStar?

Stolen cars pose a huge problem for drivers. OnStar also offers a service to help you if your car gets stolen. OnStar can remotely disable the engine and put it in valet mode, making it impossible to start the vehicle until OnStar unlocks it again.

Unfortunately, some thieves know how to disable OnStar. By locating the OnStar module, they can disconnect the OnStar system entirely. Additionally, they can also disable OnStar by pulling off the communication antenna. Cutting the wire near OnStar’s Control module helps ensure no physical connection remains.

It is possible to protect your car from OnStar theft. Using a steering wheel lock and parking in a secure area can reduce the theft risk. Investing in a state-of-the-art alarm system will also deter would-be thieves.

How Do You Disable OnStar on a Chevy?

Much like other GM vehicles, OnStar can be disabled in a Chevy vehicle by removing the fuse from the fuse box. The box is located in the engine bay. On newer cars, OnStar may still gather data (such as tire pressure and position) even when the OnStar fuse is removed.

To disable OnStar altogether, you must locate the OnStar module. After that, disconnect the communication antenna and cut any wires. This is not recommended, but it is possible. OnStar also allows you to opt out of their services at any time, which will also disable OnStar’s GPS tracking.

By cutting wires and disabling OnStar, you will void any OnStar warranties and put yourself at risk of theft. Lastly, the resale value of your vehicle will be reduced. So, it is best to keep OnStar active by ensuring the fuse is working correctly.

Overall, OnStar Fuse helps ensure OnStar functions correctly and keeps you safe while driving. Knowing where the OnStar fuse is located is crucial. The ability to check it will help ensure you get the most out of OnStar services. 

Top Tips on Making Sure OnStar is working:

  • Check OnStar fuse regularly
  • Keep OnStar active by ensuring the fuse is working properly
  • Park in a secure area to reduce the risk of theft
  • Invest in a state-of-the-art alarm system
  • Opt out of OnStar services if needed for increased


OnStar is an incredibly useful service for drivers. Knowing where the OnStar fuse is located and how to check it can help you keep OnStar working correctly. As with most electronic systems on a car, fuses are the first thing to fail. If OnStar is not working, checking the fuse should be your first step. Keeping functional will ensure you get the most out of OnStar’s features and stay safe on the road.