What does Lexus ECT Power Mean? (Explained)

ECT is an abbreviation for Electronical Controlled Transmission. It powers the redesigned transmission in a Lexus. 

The ECT PWR button allows the driver to increase the RPM before changing gears. This function operates by using an electrical solenoid. Another system the ECT power controls is the hydraulic system. It is made of clutches and bands inside the gearbox. 

When to use the ECT power button?

When the drivers activate the ECT PWR feature, it will improve their driving experience. 

If you have a Lexus, the ECT PWR function is located right below the Entune interface. You can get a quick power boost by pressing this button. The power boosts will help you drive better in circumstances.

An ECT PWR dashboard light will illuminate when you press the button. If you want to abort the current procedure and return to normal power mode, push the ECT button again.

It is important to learn about the Lexus ECT PWR button’s benefits. If you do not learn, then you will not know when to use it. You can use the ECT PWR button if you’re towing a trailer and need a little more muscle. 

The Tow/Haul Mode on the Lexus LS 430 is useful for merging on the motorway, overtaking other cars, and ascending inclines. 

Remember that driving in power mode for a prolonged period can reduce your vehicle’s EPA fuel efficiency ratings.

The function of the ECT power button 

ECT PWR function uses the hydraulics inside the gearbox to move clutches while driving. Using the PWR buttons allows the gearbox to maintain shift points for longer and achieve higher RPMs before shifting. Pressing the ECT button causes the gearbox to shift at faster engine speeds. However, it will lower your gas mileage.

Use of ECT 2nd

To switch to the 2nd Start Mode in the Lexus, press the button labeled “ECT 2nd. It would be best to switch to the 2nd Start mode when driving on icy or snowy roads. Drivers in Texas would seldomly need to use this feature.

Is it safe to leave the ECT switch on?

Leaving the ECT would not cause any complications. In order to follow EPA regulations, all car companies must make their vehicles’ motors expel minimal emissions. You can leave it on for as long as you want.

How can you turn off ECT power on a Lexus?

It can be challenging to decipher the Lexus LS430’s ECT settings. It would help if you changed the driving modes on your Lexus LS430 to turn off the ECT power light.

Find the ECT (electronic control transmission) switch to choose your driving mode. You can choose between these three settings:

1. PWR Mode: Provides a rapid surge of acceleration.

2. ECT Mode: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Everyday Driving 

3. SNOW Mode: Driving mode for snow and ice

To learn more about the various driving modes available on your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual.

An ECT PWR dashboard indicator light will light up when activated. Canceling the operation and returning to standard power requires only a second press of the ECT button.

The function of PWR Mode

The PWR is one option for a power mode, Yet, it does not affect the vehicle’s speed or power. It modifies the automatic gearbox to be more responsive to the accelerator pedal. When hauling a bulky item, that button usually improves the vehicle’s performance.

The function of SNOW Mode

You may use snow mode when driving a Lexus by pressing a button next to the shifter. Use it during heavy snow days. Use this option to have the high-tech electronics cut torque to the driving wheels and increase traction on a slippery road. 


The fuel economy of a Lexus improves significantly when the ECT PWR is off. When off, the mechanisms shift rapidly between gears so the high gear can reach optimal fuel efficiency.