2 Reasons Why Lexus VSC Trac Off Light On

If the warning lights on the dashboard don’t go off when you turn the ignition, you’re in serious trouble. In certain instances, Lexus owners may see the VSC Trac Off and check engine lights on simultaneously. The VSC Trac Off light in your Lexus may have been causing you some confusion, so you need to reset the lights.

What is the meaning of the Lexus VSC Warning Light?

Drivers need to understand why your dashboard’s lights flash “VSC Trac off” and “check engine” lights. They need to know what those lights mean.

Vehicle Stability Control, or VSC for short, is a system that helps drivers maintain control of their vehicles. VSC is standard on all Lexus and Toyota models. It works to maintain vehicle control in slippery circumstances by selectively providing braking force to the wheels that need it most during a skid.

The VSC can also correct understeering or oversteering. For instance, if your vehicle starts to skid, the VSC will cut power to the wheels. Likewise, if your vehicle starts to spin, the VSC will take control and direct the vehicle to the outside curve.

However, your Lexus’s VSC is integral to keeping you and your passengers safe on the road. If both lights, the VSC Trac Off light and the check engine light, are on, then there is an issue causing problems to the system.

Why do the Lexus VSC Trac lights turn on and off?

We can’t ignore the significance of VSC. Turning off the VSC will disable your vehicle’s traction control and stop the system’s life-saving capabilities. It’s understandable why Lexus drivers become anxious when the VSC Trac Off warning light comes on. 

The VSC works together with the car’s braking and engine control systems to regulate traction. But because the VSC interconnects with other systems, problems with the brakes or the engine will cause the VSC Off indicator to light up.

To figure out what’s wrong and why your VSC Off light is on, get an automobile code reader to assist you. Depending on the nature of the problem, an error code may appear. A short Internet search can help you decipher your vehicle’s error code.

What causes the VSC and Check Engine lights to illuminate?

You may be perplexed by the simultaneous illumination of the VSC and check engine lights on your dashboard.

VSC Off and check engine lights coming on simultaneously in a Lexus vehicle could seem a cause for concern. But there’s a good explanation.

Since the VSC and the engine intertwine, problems with the latter may result in the former failing. The VSC can function by lowering power to the wheels and redirecting that power to the wheels that need breaking.

Furthermore, The VSC may not function properly if there is a problem with the engine or the brakes. These issues can cause the “check engine” light to illuminate.

Common causes of simultaneous illumination of the VSC Off and check engine lights in a Lexus include:

⦁ The gas cap is broken or defective

⦁ Oxygen sensor failure

If you’ve already checked and they aren’t the problem, take your vehicle in for a diagnostic test. You can also buy a code reader and decipher the code yourself.

How to Reset Lexus VSC Off Light

If you’ve ruled out all other potential causes for the VSC Off to activate, it may simply be a faulty display. You can reset the display quickly.

Quickly and easily turn off the VSC warning light by following these steps:

  • Come to a complete stop and then put the vehicle in Park.
  • Find the vehicle stability control (VSC) button; this is often on the steering wheel or in the center console in a Lexus.
  • Press and hold the VSC button for a few seconds, 
  • The VSC Off and TRAC Off lights will light up, signifying that the stability and traction control systems are no longer active.
  • To initiate a send, use the Video Send Control button.

The VSC Off and TRAC lights should now turn off, indicating that the VSC and TRAC system is engaging.

If the VSC Off warning light persists after you tried to reset it, take your car in for service. The car’s check engine light should turn off the mechanic fixes the issue.


The VSC interconnects with other parts of the vehicle. Therefore, pinpointing the source of the issue that triggered both alarms might take some time. The display could also turn on the lights when there is no actual issue.