Porsche Macan Engine Control Fault Message: How to Fix

Regardless of your car’s make, model, or condition, an ‘Engine control fault’ warning could set your teeth on edge. Especially with a perfect luxury compact SUV like Porsche Macan, you don’t want to take any chances. There are design and unnatural issues that are responsible for the ‘engine control fault’ message popping.

Let me show you in this article how to fix the problem as a DIYer. It’s pretty straightforward and seamless.

‘Engine Control Fault’ Message: Causes

When you receive the ‘engine control fault’ message, the reasons may be any of the following issues:

Faulty Oxygen sensor

With the engine control fault message coming up, the first thing to suspect is your car’s oxygen sensor. One symptom of a failed oxygen sensor is an emission test failure that often causes a bad smell of a rotten egg. A rough sound when your Macan idles is a sign to look out for when an oxygen sensor isn’t working. If your Macan has hit its maximum mileage, you may experience a constant oxygen sensor failure.

PDK transmission problems

PDK stands for the Porsche Doppel Kupplungsgetriebe (PDK). It is a Porsche double-clutch transmission error that manifests in a wide range of transmission issues. With its 7-speed PDK transmission, Porsche Macan features an electronic (or hydraulic) dual-clutch front section and a (manual) rear section.

The engine control fault may be from the manual section due to transmission temperature sensor failure. The valve body and the mechatronic unit are also potential culprits. The symptoms of PDK transmission depend on the component or section that’s faulty. A failing mechatronic unit could trigger rough gear shifting and gear slipping. A bad transmission temp sensor may cause the engine to enter limp mode. As a result, the check engine light will come up.

Water pump failure

A faulty water pump can cause the ‘engine control fault’ warning to come up. When the pump is unable to distribute engine coolant across the radiator and engine, a number of issues pop up. You’ll notice your Porsche Macan’s engine overheats. That’s not all. Steam will start coming out from the radiator or engine. Plus, coolant may escape from the water pump, causing some whining noise from inside it. Your Macan’s water pump may fail due to wear, high pressure, and old age.     

Thermostat housing leaks

This again, is another problem due to design, and I am sure, Porsche automakers have taken responsibility. At least, the new generations of Macan don’t have this age-long issue. The coolant thermostat controls the amount of coolant that gets to the engine and how much is distributed to the radiator. But this component can become loose or worn as your Porsche ages. The consequence is a thermostathousingleak. The leaking of the plastic thermostat housing can trigger the engine control failure warning. This usually occurs when your Macan has hit the 60,000-mile mark. You may be unlucky, sometimes.    

Gas cap leak

A gas cap leak is not a design problem. Perhaps, it’s due to your negligence, component wear, or old age (high mileage). It may also be that you’re using an ill-fitting gas cap and this can cause dirt or grime to get into the tank. Whatever the case, you may experience an error in the emission system. Plus, you may be destroying your Macan’s dual (DI+MPI) mixed injection system.

When the gas cap isn’t properly tightened, you’ll also notice a gas escape from the reservoir. You’ll also observe a fuel smell in the cabin of the car. The check engine light may also illuminate. 

How to Fix the ‘Engine Control Fault’ message

Contact Porsche Service

As a useful rule of thumb, I will recommend that the first you need to do is put a call across to Porsche Service. Macan features a wide collection of personalization choices, a powerful engine, and spry handling that require urgent maintenance. A call to an agent or booking an appointment may be your saving lifeline.

The service professionals will be able to guide you on what to do. But note that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. It doesn’t matter if the engine isn’t accelerating as properly as it should.  So, as you drive at a reduced speed to the shop, rest assured a solution is always there.

Run a scan

Needless to say, taking your Macan out for diagnosis is the foremost thing to do. To make the ‘engine control system fault’ disappear, you’ve got to run a scan on the vehicle. Get a POR V2.0 or the reset OBD2 scan tool and run a scan of the codes that pop up. Typically, each of the issues identified above has its different codes. For example, the P0505 code is a carbon buildup issue. It can also be an intake manifold vacuum leak error code. There are several codes for different transmission issues, including the PDK transmission error.

Stop…Start Vehicle

One of the likely recommendations you’ll get from the representative professional at Porsche Service is to stop and start the engine. This method also works in case you’re not able to get in touch with the service center in good time. The simple thing to do is to brake the car and pull over. Switch off the engine and wait for about 10 to 15 seconds for the engine to cool. Restart the car and check if the warning will disappear. Typically, the message should go and the car starts and performs back properly.

General Repair and Replacement

After carrying out the auto diagnosis and applying all remedies above, it’s time to repair or replace the faulty components. Almost all the components-related issues will require replacement than repairs. If the scan shows a faulty oxygen sensor or water pump, you’ll need to replace the two components. In the case of a loose gas cap, you’ll need to tighten properly and secure it in place. This way, you can stop the gas leak. A leaking thermostat housing needs to be replaced too.   

Can I drive with the ‘Engine Control Fault’ Message?

You have nothing to worry about driving with the ‘engine control fault’ warning. Although your Macan engine may misfire or not accelerate as it should, you can safely drive to the nearest Porsche Service Center. If there are on-the-spot DIY replacements or repairs you can do before reaching the center, you should try. But be sure of what you’re doing.   

Final Thoughts

Certainly, this article has helped you gain more insight into why the Porsche Macan issue comes up. Going forward, you can make an informed and prompt decision when next you notice the ‘engine control fault’ warning. At least you should be able to come up with a remedy to prevent further damage or at least avoid unnecessary spending. I wish you safe and enjoyable trips in your new Porsche.