Chevy Trailblazer Turn Key Nothing Happens: How To Fix

Chevy Trailblazer features a highly efficient high-performance ignition system. The technology activates an urge in the vehicle’s owner to produce more powerful sparks. This way, the car will ensure complete combustion, thus reinforcing its engine horsepower. 

Like all vehicles, the Trailblazer’s ignition is susceptible to wear and tear. When you insert the key into the ignition, but it won’t turn let alone crank or start, you feel frustrated, right? But can we try to find out what’s responsible and what to do to remedy it? This article’s got you covered. Let’s ride.   

Why Will Chevy Trailblazer Key Not Turn?

Battery problem

The first suspect is the battery if your Chevy Trailblazer isn’t turning. There are lots of issues here and you can second-guess a couple of them. First, if your battery is not charged or is completely dead, the key will not turn when you try it. 

The relationship between the ignition and the battery is akin to what goes on between the heart and blood vessels and your body. The heart pumps while the vessels distribute blood to the body. Likewise, your car battery supplies all the electrical current your car needs. The battery cables, like the blood vessels, circulate the needed current to the necessary parts to trigger them and ignite the engine. 

Again, if the connections on the battery are loose, the battery won’t give off the required current. When you turn the car key, it won’t respond because the undercurrent the ignition system receives isn’t enough. The key fob battery may also be the problem.

What to Do: When you try the first, second, and third time and the car key won’t turn, try to check the battery. It may be that it’s not charged by the alternator or the cable connections are loose at the terminals. You may need to tighten all connections. Inspect the cable connections on the starter as well. The key fob battery may also need an inspection. Make sure these are tight and clean, free from dirt and grime. If you replace the key fob battery, you’ll need to reset the fob. 

Blown Fuse or relay

A blown fuse is a common part to look at if you’re faced with a car key not turning issue. Typically, your Chevy Trailblazer has a distinct fuse for the ignition system. Despite the separate ignition fuse, any blown fuse in the fuse box could trigger the key not to turn. The key is part of the ignition and once it fails to turn in the ignition it may that the ignition fuse is blown. 

You may also want to see if the key start relay is having an issue. A bad ignition relay or key starter relay can cause the key not to turn when you try it. The ignition relay is located under your car trunk in the fuse and relay panel. It mainly provides power to the ignition and once it goes bad, the entire ignition system shuts down.  

What to Do: A blown fuse can be a big issue to handle. This is because identifying which fuse works for what can be tricky sometimes, especially for a beginner auto owner or driver. What if the ignition fuse is in good condition? Then, you’re stuck with indecision. Simply do a random replacement of a few old fuses with new ones. You may need to inspect the connections on the cable of the starter. Ensure they are tight and without dirt. Replacing the key start relay or ignition relay is another technique to get over the issue and make your car key turn.   

Problem with Anti-Theft System (ATS) 

The problem with a car key not turning when inserted into the ignition may also result from an issue with the anti-theft system. Once your anti-theft system light comes on, your car key won’t turn when you need it to turn. The system often comes on for different reasons. If there’s damage to your vehicle or there’s an attempted theft or break-in, the ATS will come on. Once the ATS is triggered, your Trailblazer key won’t turn. Auto thieves often unscrew a few parts of the ATS as they attempt to force your car door open.  

What to Do: The only solution to an issue with the anti-theft system is resetting. You can reprogram the key if you suspect the anti-theft system has been triggered. You don’t have to wait until the ATS light illuminates before you reset the key. 

Bad Ignition Switch

A bad ignition switch can cause your Trailblazer key not to turn. The car engine won’t start since the switch is primarily responsible for reading anti-theft data and codding. It will then trigger electrical systems in your car to enable them to start. The automatic transmission won’t work if the ignition switch isn’t working as you won’t be able to shift the gear from Park to Neutral. 

What to DoThe best bet is to replace a faulty ignition switch. Is repairing bad? No, but there are tiny internal contact components in the switch. You or your mechanic may not reach them all during a repair. So, why not take off the ignition switch system completely and install a new one? If you can manage to shift the gear out of Park, take it to neutral. The car key may turn. 

Bad Key

You may also face the problem of a key not turning if the groves are worn or there is dirt and gunk around it. If the key is damaged or snapped in half, it won’t turn on the ignition. If you own and drive a car in the Midwest, you may experience broken-off or slightly damaged car keys. Although most modern cars today use push-button locks or fobs, turn-of-the-key locks aren’t uncommon. 

What to Do: Try a different key on the car, but first check if the old key is completely damaged. An auto locksmith will help you make another. The other thing to do is to program your key fob.  

Final Thoughts 

When I first introduced this topic, I’m sure you probably might have felt, ‘this is a simple fix, guy.’ As we progressed, perhaps your feelings changed along the line. As straightforward as the issue of the Chevy trailblazer’s key not turning might seem, it can take some bucks off you. What about a simple problem taking your whole week? The best bet is to attend to any auto issue asap. Visit your mechanic and explain what the issue is. They’ll diagnose the problem and fix it.  

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