6 Reasons Why VW Remote Start Not Working

The snowy winter is almost upon us. It’s the time of the season you’ll need to keep your VW remote starter to keep your body warm. The shenanigans of the morning cold stop the moment your VW engine turns on after a click on the fob button. But can you, for a second, imagine your VW remote start won’t work? What can be responsible? How can you fix the remote starter not working issue? I’ve got an answer to your concerns. Don’t take my word for it. Read this detailed article. 

Why won’t my VW Remote Starter Work and what Fix to Apply?

Your question sounds brilliant and straightforward. There’s a wide range of reasons your 

Volkswagen remote starter will fail. Regardless of the reasons, make sure you take urgent and proactive measures to nip things in bud before they get out of hand. Below are a few things that can cause your VW remote start not to work.

Missing Hood Switch

A faulty hood, broken tilt switch, or unlatched hood can be a major reason your car’s remote starter isn’t engaging. The tilt switch or hood switch is in the car to send a signal if someone is working under the hood. Volkswagen makers install a safety feature for the remote starter beneath the hood of the car. The car engine won’t work if the hood is engaged. 

If you want to fix this problem, all you need to do is check if anyone is working under the hood. If not, it’s likely the tilt switch is broken, faulty, or disconnected. You should replace a bad tilt switch or hood switch pin. 

Defective Fob Battery

If you notice that your remote starter system is failing, you should inspect the fob battery. There’s a chance that the battery in the fob isn’t working properly. It is also possible that the remote start won’t work after a battery change. You will need to replace a dead battery to get back the remote start working. Make sure you go for a coin cell fob battery. 

Deprogrammed Remote Start

The remote start not working issue can also be due to the fact that the remote has been deprogrammed. A deprogrammed remote start often results from a battery change or a dying battery. Depending on the models you’re using, Volkswagen comes with some paired electronics. One of these is the remote start which reset itself after you replace the battery or the battery dies or discharges. In most VW models, the onboard computer will revert to a default setup once it loses electrical energy.

The truth is troubleshooting paired electronics like the remote start can be a hard row to hoe. Yet, the only thing to do is to reprogram the remote or replace the car key remote completely. Once reprogrammed, you may not be able to program your VW remote again.

Wrong Procedure or too Many Remote Start Attempts

You could also face a faulty remote start issue if you attempt to use the remote start too many times in quick succession. If your VW remote starter won’t work, you’ll need to inspect how you’re using the system. Maybe you’re not properly operating it. Depending on the remote brand you buy, there are different procedures for different brands of remote starters. If you opt for a single-push remote starter, you cannot press it twice. A double-press remote starter works differently, too.

To fix this problem, all you need to do is to insert the car key into the ignition and twist it to “ON’ and then ‘OFF.’ Step out of the car and try to use the remote start again. Read the manual of your remote starter brand before use. 

Activated Valet Mode

The valet mode is a distinguishing feature of a VW remote starter system. As a safety feature, the valet mode allows your remote start to temporarily disable. To activate the valet mode, press a few button combos on your remote fob.  

The easiest way to detect if your remote start is in valet mode is to check your car’s parking lights. If they beep when you’re locking or unlocking the car doors with the remote starter, then there’s a chance the valet mode is active. All you need to do is quickly and smartly deactivate the valet mode and your remote starting system should start working.

Hazard Indicator Lights On

When your car’s hazard lights are on, the remote start won’t work. This is a safety measure to prevent your car from theft. Although it is one of the least suspects for a remote start not to work, you don’t want to take any chances. As long as these lights are working, the issue of the remote start not working won’t go any time. The simple thing to do to fix this is to turn off the hazard lights. 


How much does a VW remote starter cost?

It’s a tricky question, and there are no hard-and-fast rules about it, I must say. This is because the prices vary, depending on the reason why the remote starter fails to work in the first place. You may also consider duplicating your car key. Ultimately, you may need to budget something in the neighborhood of $50-$750, on average. 

What other issues can cause VW remote start not working?

If you take the above fixes and yet your remote start fails to work, I think it is time to call a locksmith. The locksmith will help you troubleshoot the issue responsible for your remote start not working. At the same time, they can also help you replace the bad fob key. You may want to drive to the nearest locksmith workshop or reach out to a mobile locksmith. What matters is to get a professional and certified technician to handle the problem.  

Final Thoughts

If you live in Sioux Falls, you won’t need a soothsayer to tell you to get your VW remote starter working. Actually, during my time in this city back in the day, the temperature fell to its then-record lowest of -28F. Thanks to my ever-effective remote starter, perhaps, the story would have been different now. I hope this article helps you get insight into why your VW remote starter won’t work. Before you switch on your vehicle engine the next time, I am sure you’ll push a few buttons on the fob.