Chevy “2 Keys Programmed” Message: How to Fix

By the time he looked at his dash and saw the ‘2 key programmed message, Phil was worried if the previous owner of his car still holds a spare. You’ve got reasons to thank Chevy automakers for the incredible security features they built in their various auto makes. Whenever there’s sensitive information, the digital screen indicates it on the dash.

The “2 Keys Programmed” message is one of those critical pieces of information you should be aware of and pay attention to. What does it mean? How can you fix it?

What is 2 Keys Programmed Message?

The ‘2 keys programmed’ message simply means that 2 keys have been synced to worth with your vehicle. Whenever your Chevy dash indicates this message, it means that your car has a ghost key that can start, open, and lock it.

By implication, the key with you isn’t the only one than can perform these operations on your car. There’s another ghost key that can work on the car even when you’re not there.

You need your dealer to help you reconfigure the system. This message comes on because your car remembers the ghost key. A ghost key is either destroyed or lost but the car keeps the memory of it. 

One of the ugly experiences you may go through with the ‘2 keys programmed’ is that your car won’t start. The thing is that the holder of the other key may have compromised the security of the car.

Consequently, the programmed key can operate the car from anywhere. The holder of the ghost key or keys perhaps has enabled his key fob. Once this happens, the key with you won’t be able to unlock the car or start it.   

By design, most modern cars are designed to allow up to 10 keys programmed to work with them. Your Chevy truck is telling you that there are currently two keys programmed to work with it. There are two reasons these can be happening. You may have relatives who use the car with you.

On the one hand, if your grandma, kids, wife, or siblings routinely drive your Chevy truck, you can have them own their keys that sync with the truck. This way, the keys are programmed to start, open, and lock the truck.  

Conversely, it may be that some auto thieves are attempting to hack your car access tools and systems. They have several ways of cloning key fobs. If you lose the key alongside the transponder system, you may be in for a long haul. What they do is target the systems that locksmiths use to make car key duplicates. They also adapt booster signals. 

How to Fix 2 Keys Programmed Car

I need to say that reprograming your car to work with one key isn’t a DIY. You need a certified and professional locksmith to help you make a new key or set of new keys. Make sure you go with all the keys to the professional shop. Leave the rest to a locksmith or dealer to handle it and come up with a new key. You will need to program the key fob. It doesn’t take hours to get this done. 

Another fix is to take your car to a dealer and do a reflash. It’s possible there is a conflict in the car’s computer system. Reflashing will help clear the list of keys already programmed. After this, you should take the current keys to a dealer to have them recode.     

What happens after the locksmith or dealer has made a new key? The procedure for programming a new set of keys on your Chevy model is simple. Take the following steps:

  • Insert the old programmed key
  • Turn the key clockwise and allow it to run
  • Turn the ignition off after running for a few seconds (about 5)
  • Insert the new unprogrammed key into the ignition
  • Turn it on and allow it to run
  • Remove the key from the ignition (this time, it’s been programmed)
  • Reinsert the new key and start the engine to idle  

Alternatively, you can change the battery in the car’s key fob. But a keyless fob uses a plain chip without a battery. 


How can I Deactivate a Lost or Stolen Key Fob?

The best cure is prevention, but if you mistakenly lost a key fob, the first thing to do is to call a cop. The more technical thing to do to minimize the risk of your car being remotely stolen is to deactivate the key fob. Each car model comes with an owner’s manual that contains the specifics for the fob disable.

How can I Reprogram a Car Key Fob?

With the new car fob, it’s time to reprogram it to make it sync with your car. Ensure you deactivate the ghost key fob. The following steps will help you reprogram a car key fob

  • Hop in your car
  • Close the car doors
  • Insert the key and turn it to ‘ON’ position
  • Hit the ‘Lock’ button on your key fob
  • Turn the key to the ‘ON’ again

Repeat steps 2-5 as many times until you hear a sound indicating that your key fob is in programming mode. Once you hear the signal, press the ‘Lock’ button almost immediately. The locks should cycle to show that the programming is successful.  

Final Thoughts

You’ve got nothing to worry about whenever you see the ‘2 keys programmed’ message pop up on your car dash. As a matter of fact, you should find a way to fix it. Simply, configure the car to work with just one key. If your Chevy Malibu is programmed to work with 1 ignition key, you won’t have anything to worry about. A professional will do a good job in this regard. I hope this article helps you work around the issue.  

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