Chevy Traverse AC Light Blinking: Causes and Fixes

The AC light blinking message is dreaded issue car owners experience with Chevy Traverse. Usually, the light will blink three times. When the light starts blinking, the AC system is unlikely to operate. Sometimes, you refill the system with refrigerant but the problem persists. When this happens, the tendency is there to want to panic and become speculative. You ask, ‘could it be a leak issue?’ Or, ‘is the unit’s compressor faulty?’ 

My knowledge of the operations of Chevy Traverse showed how frustrating the experience of a flashing AC light can be. But, never worry because I’ve got an answer for you. Read to the end. 

Why is the AC Light Blinking?

Faulty AC Compressor 

There are several reasons your car’s air conditioner light can keep flashing. But the major culprit is a faulty AC compressor. A problem with the unit can cause the AC light to start blinking. An AC compressor will damage if it’s overworked. The compressor can be loose, worn, or frayed, causing the clutch not to engage properly. 

How to Fix: The solution to a faulty AC compressor is resetting the entire AC control module. How do you go about this? Two things can happen. First, you can simply disconnect the negative cables of your car battery for 30 seconds. This should easily reprogram the entire system. 

Alternatively, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Switch off your car’s AC and engine
  • Locate the reset button on the Chevy Traverse’s thermostat. You’ll find the thermostat near the battery
  • Press and hold down the reprogram button for about 5 seconds 
  • Take off your hand from the button. By now, the thermostat should have reset and the blinking light stops.

If resetting the thermostat doesn’t resolve the AC compressor issue, you may need to contact a professional for further diagnosis and assistance.

Faulty Thermostat

If the sensor that reads the hotness and coldness of the AC goes bad, the AC light will start blinking. This is largely due to extreme temperature differential. A high temperature inside the car or a low temperature outside the car will make the Ac light flash. The AC thermostat can have problems if the internal cooling fan isn’t working. 

How to FixThe thing to do is troubleshoot the bad thermostat. There are two fixes. One, you can simply switch off the AC, open the window for about 15 minutes, and turn it on again. 

Alternatively, you can follow this guide to repair a failed thermostat:

  • Take off the thermostat
  • Dip into a bucket of water heated to a 180-degree Fahrenheit.  
  • With a pair of needlenose pliers, hold the thermostat in the heated water for about 5-10 minutes
  • Allow the thermostat to open after a few minutes

If it doesn’t open, then the thermostat isn’t good for use again. You’ll need to replace it. 

Clogged airflow

Another issue that can cause the AC light to blink is the presence of a clog along the airflow. The air conditioner vents may have dirt, debris, or gunk blocking them. This blockade may cause the unit to become defective. If you notice that the light in your Chevy Traverse AC unit isn’t working, you should check if the airflow tube needs cleaning. 

How to Fix: After a careful diagnosis, you should discover what is blocking the airflow. Take the steps below to clean and unclog the AC vents. In the meantime, you’ll need a vacuum hose, bathtub or bucket, dish soap, a flat screwdriver, and a scrubbing brush. You may need safety gloves and a clean duster.

  • Put on the protective gear
  • Turn the HVAC system off (manually or through the thermostat)
  • Remove the AC vents, using your screwdriver
  • Use the vacuum hose to unclog the dirty ducts. Clean only the vent areas
  • With a clean duster, dust off your vents
  • Mix some mild soap with warm water in the bathtub 
  • Soak the vents in the soapy water for about 20 minutes to remove any grease
  • Dry and reinstall the AC vents
  • Replace the air filter
  • Switch on the HVAC system and the blinking light shouldn’t appear again. 

Freon Leak 

Another thing that can cause a flashing AC light in your car is a refrigerant leak. When the AC compressor unit pressurizes the system, it causes the Freon to cool air. In the process, the Freon will condense, turning from gas to liquid. The condensation process makes the air cool and causes the condensed air to circulate in the vehicle’s cabin.  

If the refrigerant leaks, there are visible symptoms. When you notice a ‘thin’ greasy substance or the Freon is in excess, the AC light might flash. If your AC unit blows room temperature or warm air, it’s a sign that your Freon is leaking. A flashing AC light may also pop up if the unit experiences a low level of Freon.   

How to FixThe truthis, fixing small leaks may be straightforward for a beginner DIYer to handle. But you’ll need the assistance of a professional to resolve a larger refrigerant leak. Ensure you take the AC unit for service once you’ve fixed the Freon leak.    

Blown Fuse

A fuse helps to protect against overcurrent on the AC. However, when the fuse blows, the AC might experience an electrical surge that can cause the light to flash. Bad wiring to the clutch or poor grounding is also a potential threat to your Ac and can cause blinking AC light.

How to Fix: A blown fuse cannot be repaired. The best thing to do is to replace it with a new one. You must follow the correct procedure for changing an AC fuse. The fuse box contains several fuses and you must know which one works for the AC unit.  

Other causes of blinking AC lights include:

  • Defective pressure switches
  • Bad compressor clutch or belt tensioner

Final Thoughts

The Chevy Traverse AC light blinking isn’t a big issue that should make you worry. You’ll need to do a diagnosis of the system first to know what the cause is. This way, you’ll know what fix to apply. The Chevy automakers have made major upgrades to the most recent generations of the Chevy Traverse model. You’re not likely to find the AC problem as a common issue in Traverse. 

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