What Does VW Inspection Now Message Mean (Explained)

“Hey, my 2018 VW Golf’s instrument cluster displays the ‘Inspection Now’ message at 40,000 km. “What does it mean?” “Is my car in any kind of trouble?” When I received these questions, I could suspect that the car was already due for an oil change. Perhaps, it’s been a long time since the caller had taken the car out for the scheduled service. Whatever the case, an Inspection Now is worth checking almost instantly. This article provides insights into what the message means and what to do to clear it off. There are other details I describe.     

What Does the VW Inspection Now Message Mean?

As earlier hinted, the VW ‘Inspection Now’ message is a warning that can mean a few things. While you can easily rest and clear the message, it is better to diagnose the issue a bit further. This way you can be certain what the problem is. 

Typically, when the message pops up, you’ll need to inspect your car for three things. The first interpretation is that you will only need to simply reset or clear the message. Your VW may have run out of oil or the oil has overstayed. Secondly, there is a chance that it is been a long that you take the car out for scheduled servicing. Whatever the issue is, you’ll need to take an instant action to get rid of the warning sign. 

Inspection Now Reset

The instrument cluster of your 2018 Volkswagen Golf will display Inspection Now when it reaches certain mileage. Typically, if your VW hits a mileage range of 30,000-50,000, the message may pop up. It doesn’t require you to take any action except to reset the system and clear the message. 

How to Reset Inspection Now Message 

There are simple steps to clear the ‘Inspection Now’ message.

  • Park the car and allow the engine to cool
  • Switch on the Ignition and the message center on the dash will show ‘Oil Service and Inspection due!’ 
  • Leave the ignition at the ‘on’ position and head straight to the Vehicle settings 
  • Switch the radio on and scroll down to ‘Service’ 
  • View the ‘Inspection Now’ and ‘Oil Change Service now’ message
  • Switch the radio and the ignition off and go back to the message center
  • Press the 0.0 button right under the message center while switching the ignition on. Make sure the car doors are shut.
  • As soon as a ‘reset oil service?’ warning pops on, release your hand from the button
  • Press the button but leave the ignition on and a ‘Service interval rest’ message will come up
  • As the Inspection Now warning disappears, switch the ignition off

Oil replacement 

Another possible cause of the Inspection Now warning is a low level of oil or an oil change needed. At different points in its lifetime, your vehicle will run on low oil or be overdue for an oil change. When this happens, the Message center will bring the ‘Inspection Now’ message up. You can simply get under the VW hood and check if the oil level is low. 

Poor quality of the oil in your VW oil reservoir can also trigger the instrument cluster of your VW to show Inspection Now. Low-quality high-performance engine oil will be dark or dirty. What this means is that the oil in your vehicle is overdue. To check this, simply remove the dipstick and visually inspect it. The oil may also be milky or give off some burnt smell. If you physically smell burning oil, it means your VW oil is due for a change. Once you change the oil, the message will clear automatically. Otherwise, you may need to reset the entire system. On the flip side, you may need to reset the message and clear it.  

Overdue Scheduled servicing

Normally, you shouldn’t miss your scheduled car service. But costs or inconveniences may make you skip it. Yet, skipping a car service or routine maintenance can cost you a lot. It can void your car warranty or cause the vehicle to break down.

When this happens, the Inspection Now notification can display on the instrument cluster of your VW. At this point, your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. A ‘service interval rest’ message typically comes alongside the Inspection Now alert. 

If you’re lucky that the car hasn’t broken down, you should contact a dealer or professional mechanic. They will do a go job. Before I wrap up this article, I’ll list some vital parts and accessories to check when going for Inspection services. 


Can I drive my VW with the Inspection Now message?

Yes, you can drive with the Inspection Now message especially if you recently change the oil or service the vehicle. The only thing that could make you worry is if your oil is overdue. In addition, if it’s been a while since you took your vehicle for servicing, you may also. Else, once you see the warning, you should try to check instantly.      

What is a VW Inspection Service?

The procedure for clearing the Inspection now warning message may be straightforward and quick. Yet, the best cure is prevention. Booking an appointment for your car care and multi-point inspection will help prevent a void warranty or vehicle breakdown.  

The hydraulic, mechanical, electronic, and electrical checks are the general inspection service to do. In terms of specific inspection, here are parts and points to check when you take your VW for inspection service.

  • Battery checks
  • PSI and Tire pressure checks
  • ABS, Braking system, and Transmission services
  • Exhaust system inspection
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • Vehicle interior and exterior services
  • Fluid and coolant level: lube top-up, oil or coolant replacement 

You must go to Volkswagen Care Center where you can get VW-specific mechanics. Besides, you may get discounts on a couple of services. Some VW Auto Centers also offer free accessories including cargo boxes, roof racks, and other car accessories.   

Final Thoughts 

There is no need to get anxious once you’re driving and the Inspection Now warning alert comes up. VW, like all vehicles, has several warning alerts and the ‘Inspection Now’ message is one of the most recurring. An OEM VAG-COM Diagnostic system for consumer-grade individuals is the right equipment to use. I hope you find this article helpful in allaying the fear of an Inspection warning on your VW.   

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